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720S Spider Launch

On Thursday 28th February we held a very special launch evening at Studio 434. The event marked the next chapter in the McLaren Super Series story with the debut of the new 720S Spider. We were pleased to share this moment with 200 guests including a special guest from the McLaren Technology Centre, Ian Howshall, Global Product Manager - Super Series. Ian unveiled the latest addition to the Super Series family and provided some exclusive insights into the new car.

At McLaren, we refuse to accept what's gone before. Instead, we find a different way. A better way. The McLaren 720S Spider is a perfect example of this. It's a car that delivers the best of both worlds... a convertible supercar that's every bit as thrilling as the Coupe. That means the same nerve-tingling rush, now available with the roof down.

This is a car for those who see more... who look beyond convention and seek out the extraordinary. The 720S Spider is a full-throttle supercar with a retractable roof - all in one beautifully honed package.

Throughout the evening, guests were encouraged to visit our test drive lounge where they could speak to our team and book in for a test drive or register for one of our upcoming drive events including Millbrook, the 720S Spider Experience Tour and Le Mans 2019. 

For further information on the new 720S Spider, click here or contact our team to arrange a test drive.